focus 18/19

Moving the Charis Fellowship Forward>>>


Regional FOCUS Retreats provide opportunities for Charis Fellowship leaders to refresh, reflect and retool.

Our fellowship is serious about Biblical Truth, Relationships, and Mission. Together we are planting churches, training leaders and doing good for the sake of the gospel.

This year's Focus Retreat theme will be "Forward!"  

The retreats will be about moving our churches forward. A new name is not enough. We need to take the conversation and action forward in each of our churches. We will have discussion sessions about each of our missional values: planting churches, training leaders, and doing good for the sake of the gospel.

Focus retreats with not be heavy seminars but interactives between ministry leaders like you. 

What you like to talk about? We will be contacting leaders like you from your region and asking them to speak into the types of topics and issues relevant to our churches. This feedback will guide the focus sessions. This is your chance to set the agenda.
I’m excited to move the conversation forward with you,