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Pastor of Worship

Profile of ministry: 


Grace Community Church of Seal Beach, located one block from beautiful Seal Beach, is in a season of growth and is seeking a Pastor of Worship. We are sending our current Pastor of Worship to plant a new church in July, 2021 and we are hoping to make a hire before then.


This is a senior role on our pastoral leadership team together with our Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor. The role is centered on cultivating meaningful, biblical worship, both in leading Sunday gatherings as well as in helping our congregation develop personal acts of worship.

The importance of both a theological and practical understanding and articulation of biblical worship is a key qualification. It is our desire that the Pastor of Worship will also bring significant musical expertise as well as an appreciation for various instrumental and vocal expressions. That expression should include both contemporary Christian music as well as classic hymns of the church, led with contemporary styles.

“Participatory Worship” is one of our core values, which steers our approach. We purposely involve a blend of ages, races and genders on our worship teams, and our church loves to worship in all its many facets. We are a church with a healthy mix of all generations, which we view as a strength, and we are looking for a full-time pastor to join our staff who shares those values and is able to lead worship with a broad appeal.


The Pastor of Worship will 

  • Plan and lead the Sunday worship services in cooperation with the teaching pastors in support of the teaching theme.

  • Equip volunteer instrumental musicians, vocalists and support technicians. This includes the recruiting, training, and mentoring of volunteers in various ages and stages of ability for both current and future growth.

  • Raise up new worship leaders in the church by training, equipping, and providing opportunities for others to lead in worship, either on Sunday morning or in other ministries of the church. Coordinate with Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry to support their worship music leadership needs.

  • Ensure that the technical elements of the service are attractive, well-prepared and running smoothly, including projection, sound, room décor, and lighting. Manage the expenses for these items in accord with the budget for the Worship Ministry.

  • Supervise the greeters, ushers, and other Sunday morning volunteers, and improve systems and training, as needed. 

  • Develop creative worship opportunities for people beyond Sunday morning worship, through retreats, written materials, and other resources.

  • Organize special worship services such as Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, and Christmas Eve.

  • Shepherd/pastor those under your areas of ministry in their personal walks with the Lord.


The Pastor of Worship will

  • Be a mature disciple of Jesus Christ with a heart for worship, sensitive to the continuous presence of God through the Holy Spirit, with evidence of a strong prayer life.

  • Have a consistent background of proven volunteer recruitment and development. 

  • Have significant musicianship (preferably guitar and/or piano) with the skill to play, sing, lead a team and sense the Spirit’s guidance during congregational worship.

  • Have the ability to play other relevant instruments (drums, bass, keys, etc) well enough to coach volunteer musicians on how to perform and improve. 

  • Have some formal theological training (Christian college or seminary degree preferred), manifesting a thoughtful and coherent understanding of what worship services should facilitate on a weekly basis in the souls, hearts, and lives of believers and non-believers. 

  • Have a deep knowledge and memorization of scripture to be used throughout worship.

  • Exhibit enthusiasm for our Statements of Faith, commitment to our teaching positions, and support for Charis Fellowship distinctives.

  • Possess an appreciation and understanding of a variety of Christian music (gospel songs, modern/contemporary worship songs, traditional hymnody, choral music, etc).  

  • Commit to full-time ministry at Grace Community Church of Seal Beach.

  • Have administrative skills, experience supervising part-time staff and working in collaborative teams on a previous church staff. 


A successful candidate will be characterized by

    • Humility: works as part of a pastoral team; is mutually submissive; has the attitude of rendering service without expecting acclaim; takes joy in seeing others excel; is willing and eager to embrace a variety of music that leads to congregational participation; is authentic and vulnerable in admitting where personal improvement is needed as an example to others.

    • Love: must love the people of Grace Community Church and the greater Seal Beach community as we are; cannot be a person who wishes this were a different kind of church, but must want to lead us in becoming a more Christ-like version of who we are.

    • Pastor’s heart: doesn’t see people as problems, but has compassion for others and a desire to bring the congregation to God in worship.

    • Enthusiasm for all-ages ministry: needs to be excited to lead all generations in worship, since Grace is an inter-generational church. 

    • Desire to learn: is a lifelong learner who wants to continually improve as a pastor, musician and disciple of Jesus, with the vision to see where improvement is necessary.

    • Cooperative Spirit: is comfortable working within the framework of the Charis Fellowship, especially as it pertains to Threefold Communion and triune immersion baptism.

  • Gospel-centered Life: exhibits a life in which Jesus is Lord and the Gospel is at the center of how they see themselves rather than adherence to legalism, able to balance the tension of Christian liberty in that “all things are lawful but not all things are expedient” (1 Corinthians 6:12).

For further information and next steps, please visit our Pastor of Worship Opportunity Profile.

Listing Expires: 10-Mar-21