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These ministry opportunities have been submitted by churches and ministries that are associated with the Charis Fellowship. Any ministry engagement (paid or volunteer) that comes as a result of this announcement should be entered into with due diligence and legal review. The Charis Fellowship does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Persons contacting these ministries are not recommended by the Charis Fellowship.

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Next Generation Pastor

Auburn Grace Community Church (a Charis Church in northern CA) is looking for a pastor to give leadership to our young families, young adults, and student ministry teams. Auburn Grace is a church of 700 located in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountians, 35 miles east of Sacramento. This position is full-time and requires a degree. 

 General Description: AGCC is looking for a Godly pastor who loves leading young people, young adults, and young families into a deeper understanding of God and the Bible; who loves helping parents and children walk in His truths; and is able to train others to work together in accomplishing this ministry at AGCC.


Personal Expectations:

·Has a vibrant personal walk with Jesus Christ through daily time in the Word, prayer, memorizing Scripture, and personal worship.

●Has obtained at least an undergraduate degree in a church related field.

●  Is not mastered by any worldly addiction or habit that would compromise leadership ability or influence. (1 Corinthians 6:12)

·Has a solid relationship with spouse and children. (1 Timothy 3)

·Works best in a team based philosophy of ministry. (1 Corinthians 12 & 14)

·Is self-motivated and works well in low supervised situations.

·Has the ability to lead programs designed for groups of 100 people or larger.

·Has the ability to recruit new team members, build new teams, train new leaders, and deploy them into service throughout various assigned ministries at AGCC.

(1 Timothy 2:2)


Job Expectations:



To oversee and facilitate programs for people at AGCC from ages of about 15-35. To build volunteer ministry teams that will maintain high standards of Christ centeredness, humility, and excellence.



·To know each Leader and be aware of their personal beliefs, practices and abilities as they relate to the beliefs of AGCC.

·Be responsible for introducing new programs as needed.

·Be Responsible for the selection of all team members, whether they be leaders, teachers, or helpers.

·Be responsible for shepherding all team members, and having an understanding of their walk with the Lord.

·Be responsible for leading team meetings or training classes to insure the team is well trained prepared for ministry.





·Have the ability to effectively teach the Bible in such a way to inspire spiritual transformation and a deeper love for God and our neighbors.

·Have the ability to work well with young adults and communicate effectively with them regarding their needs and ministries.

·Be responsible for the promotion of NexGen Ministries to the church as a whole through the newsletter and/or Sunday bulletins.



·To attend conferences or workshops that will improve your abilities, either personally or in the area of leadership.

·To be a learner at heart and continually develop your ministry skills.


Additional Information:

·Full-time position: (40 hours per week)

·Employed by the Elder Board, Supervised by Pastor Dave and Pastor Phil

·Salary package range: Salary, Housing allowance, benefits - $70-80,000.

·Required meetings; weekly meeting with Pastor Dave, Regular Staff meeting, Sunday services, ministry leadership meetings, congregational meetings, all church events.

·Our genuine hope and prayer is that this person will create a dynamic ministry at AGCC that our students, young adults, and families truly respond to, and that this age group will grow in the 12 months following this hiring.

Listing Expires: 10-Jan-22