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Lead Pastor - Penn Valley Church



Penn Valley Church, located in Telford, Pennsylvania, is looking for its next Lead Pastor. They are seeking someone to take responsibility for the direction and future of the church and inspire and lead the team to accomplish that vision. This person will be entrepreneurial in nature and not afraid to take risks with a strong gift of faith. The pastor will teach the Bible well and in a way that makes it accessible for everyone.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Work with the vision team to streamline systems and structures that enable missional momentum
  • Lead the team to help identify any areas that need necessary cultural change to be more effective in missional efforts in making disciples
  • Work with the vision team to streamline systems and structures that enable missional momentum
  • Serving as the primary voice of Penn Valley Church’s Vision Team & Leadership Team

What skills you need to have:

  • A vibrant, exemplary walk with Jesus Christ
  • Leadership
  • Preaching
  • Team-building
  • Teachability

Historically, this area was a Mennonite farming community but has developed into a growing and diverse suburban community with residents employed by pharmaceutical firms, regional banks, manufacturers, food processing, and other service industries. There is a small-town feel with lots of ethnic restaurants, local family businesses, and a revitalized downtown area. We have a strong school district with lots of community sports. There are good community organizations with church partnerships and many generations of families in the area. We are close to Philly but not “in the city”. It is 40 minutes to the airport and a 2-hour drive to NYC


Listing Expires: 16-May-22