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These ministry opportunities have been submitted by churches and ministries that are associated with the Charis Fellowship. Any ministry engagement (paid or volunteer) that comes as a result of this announcement should be entered into with due diligence and legal review. The Charis Fellowship does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Persons contacting these ministries are not recommended by the Charis Fellowship.

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Lead Pastor Opportunity

 Senior/Lead Pastor: Brookville Grace Brethren Church

The Brookville Grace Brethren Church is prayerfully seeking a Senior Pastor whom God has chosen to lead us into the future to help fulfill our mission to

Know, Grow, and GO!

Though modest in numbers we are deeply committed to Knowing God’s Word, Growing in application of God’s Word and Going out into our expanding family-oriented community and beyond.  Our motivated, loving and giving congregation is eager to support that dynamic visionary man.  We have a 250-seat sanctuary, fellowship hall, numerous classrooms, an administration building as well as a multi-purpose activity building under renovation. We are debt-free and financially sound.

Please send resume to


●       Called by God to be Pastor.

●       Meets the qualifications of elder/overseer found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

●       Wholeheartedly agrees with Brookville Grace’s Constitution and By-Laws.

●       Bachelor’s degree necessary, MDiv preferred.

●       Excellent communication skills both in and out of the pulpit.


●       Serves through servant-leadership to shepherd the flock of God among us by preaching, teaching and personally discipling according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

●       Articulates Mission, Vision, and Values to the Church in line with the Word of God.

●       Preaches and oversees all preaching and teaching.

●       Provides accountability, training, and encouragement to servant-leaders (Ministry team leaders, elders, deacons, and those in training) and their families.

●       Spends significant time with God in the study of His Word and prayer for the sake of being filled for the pouring out of ministry.

●       Visits the sick when called for by the sick, their family, or by the Holy Spirit.

●       Administrates the ordinances of triune baptism and three-fold communion.

●       Oversees the planning of the whole-church worship gatherings.

●       Oversees the administrative work of the church office as necessary.

●       Manages or oversees the management of all church staff.

●       Develop a community presence through participation in community events with the specific purpose of representing Christ and the church in community life.

●       Officiate weddings and funerals.

●       Provide or recommend counseling as appropriate to abilities, skills or experience.

●       Work with the Elder board to handle church discipline and conflict in the church, seeking to reconcile relationships and promote unity within the church.

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Listing Expires: 12-Oct-22