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Family Pastor

Principle Function:

The Family Pastor at Ashland Grace Church in Ashland, Ohio is responsible for overseeing the Children’s Ministries at Grace Church while actively engaging with and discipling kids, parents, and families to know and love Christ in a deeper way.

Qualifications for the Position:

This person must be a committed follower of Jesus Christ; be committed to His church; and be passionate about discipling parents and kids individually, as well as families collectively. They must be gifted in teaching and communication, in leading people, in developing volunteers and other leaders, and in discipleship.

Requirements of the Position: 

  • Give vision and direction to the Children’s Ministry at Grace Church

  • Lead the Cove Coordinator and the Canyon Coordinator, both spiritually and personally.

  • Lead, equip, and recruit volunteers in Children’s Ministry.

  • Organize periodic events for kids and families.

  • Work closely with the Director of Student Ministries on ways to engage and disciple

    families, as well as ensuring a coherent and complementary vision across NextGen


  • Develop and oversee a Wednesday night program that is geared toward discipling kids,

    parents, and families.

  • Have healthy relationships with the families of Grace Church, providing counseling and

    training as necessary.

  • Implement training opportunities and helpful environments for parents to grow in their faith

    and grow in their parenting.

  • Provide resources and training to better equip parents to practice family discipleship with

    their kids.

  • Develop a plan to better integrate the kids, parents, and families into the life of Grace

    Church as a whole.

  • Pastor and shepherd the people of Grace Church.

Listing Expires: 12-Jul-22