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Lead Pastor

 Church Description 

Northwest Chapel is a family friendly, Christian church committed to the truth of the Word of God and the foundations of evangelicalism. We serve our community with a pre-school, vibrant kids ministry, active student ministries program, group classes for adults of all ages, and missions both locally and internationally. We are an independent multigenerational Charis Fellowship church congregation of over 500 in the fast-growingNorthwest region of Columbus, Ohio. 

Our Biblical Mission is to Engage Jesus and Others Every Day for Eternal Impact. We believe that God’sWord fuels us, God’s love connects us, and God’s mission focuses us. Our ministries aim to reflect these important priorities. 

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Lead Pastor Position Description 

The lead pastor should seek God and be used by Him to provide spiritual and administrative leadership to the church. He is to use his teaching and pastoral care skills to share the Gospel and assist the needs of persons in the church and community. He empowers the church community to use their giftedness and follow Christ’s direction to go fulfill the great commandment (Luke 10:27) and the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20). 

The lead pastor sets the direction for the ministries, discipleship, and congregational activities in collaboration with the other elders and pastoral staff. He should be a Spirit-dependent and Spirit-led shepherd (Philippians 2:5, 1 Peter 5) capable of coaching and developing other staff. 

Other Essential responsibilities: 

  • Prioritize time to pursue God, growing in His grace through daily personal time with the Lord in the Word, devoted to prayer, and other Spiritual disciplines (Acts 6:4) 
  • Teach the Bible with diligence and dedication to extract the accurate truths 
  • Equip members for a life of Christian growth and service 
  • Conduct church services, administer the ordinances, and perform other duties that normally pertain to the pastoral role 
  • Build healthy and effective relationships with the church members
  • Oversee the teaching ministry of the church, coordinating the content and schedule of biblical instruction in our public and main celebration services 
  • Communicate spiritual truths, ministry plans, and outcomes to the church community through creative media on a regular basis 
  • Share responsibility of pastoral care and counseling 
  • Promote, educate, and advocate for prayer and biblical stewardship 
  • Partner with Charis Fellowship and mission events locally and around the world 


Pastor Qualifications 

  • Licensed and degreed pastor and diligent student of the Bible in harmony with the Statement of Faith set forth in the Northwest Chapel Church Constitution 
  • Characteristics of a New Testament Elder: 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5 
  • Experienced and skilled communicator capable of organized exegetical teaching and discipleship 
  • Relational leader who is led by the Holy Spirit and can lead with confidence, humility, and a servant’s heart, inspiring others to follow Christ 
  • Understands the responsibilities of our church and facilitates and coordinates with others 


Interested Candidates should submit the following: 

● Short Answer Questionnaire 

● Link to recent sermon 

● Resume 

● References (4) 

● Cover Letter (Optional) 

Lead Pastor Application Link: 

Application process difficulties: contact Sven Christianson [email protected] 614-561-2153

Listing Expires: 17-Jul-22