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Family Pastor

Family Pastor

Job Description – Full-Time: 40-50 Hours a Week

Peninsula Grace Brethren Church


Family Pastor Mission Statement

  • To equip families to be disciples and make disciples of Jesus


Family Pastor Heart/Summary

  • A man who loves Jesus and has a vision for equipping families to love Jesus and reach other families for Jesus
  • Primary focus is to equip and disciple parents, staff and volunteers to make disciples of Jesus
  • Possess a unique ability to connect with people of all ages
  • Someone whose wife also loves Jesus and supports her husband in making disciples


Expected Knowledge and Experience

  • Biblical studies
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
  • Knowledge of biblical curriculum
  • Experience in discipleship (discipleship: becoming like Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit and His Word, and making other disciples who make other disciples who...)
  • Children’s and Youth Ministry Experience
  • Able to teach and preach
  • Has raised or is raising children to follow Jesus (the more experience the better!)



  • Reports to: Lead Pastor, Elders
  • Supervises: Children’s Coordinator, Youth Director, Youth Interns


Area of Responsibilities

  • Church-Based Ministries

 Oversee discipleship and ministries from cradle to college

 Ensure that the curriculum used at each level of spiritual development connects to the next

  • Equipping and Encouraging Parents

 Disciple, mentor and counsel parents and couples

 Facilitate marriage, parenting and discipleship training

  • Intergenerational Connections

 Work with ministries to provide times for all generations to worship, learn and serve together

  • Outreach

 Help ministry leaders develop a plan for outreach and spreading the gospel to our community


Tasks and Functions

  • Eldership

 Be an elder, meeting every other week with elder board

  • Teaching/Oversight

 Teach and/or facilitate biblical classes, preaching as much as once a month

  • Staff

 Attend weekly staff meetings

 Establish consistent office hours; 30-40 hours/week (present Sundays, Wednesday nights & as needed)


Contact Pastor Justin Franchino at (907) 252-8854 or

Listing Expires: 25-Jun-19