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Lead Pastor / Revitalization

 Rosemont Grace Church (Martinsburg, WV)

Rosemont Grace Brethren Church of Martinsburg, WV has entered into a partnership with Assist Church Expansion for the purpose of revitalization. After a season of stagnancy, and sudden loss of the senior pastor, this congregation of approximately 50 people has enthusiastically embraced God’s leading to engage a process of revitalization to ensure a productive future and to be more effective in reaching its community.

Rosemont Grace Brethren Church is seeking a Revitalization Pastor willing to make a minimum 3-year commitment to work with Assist Church Expansion and to lead the church through the transition.

Requirements of a Revitalization Pastor


  • able to develop a vision and clear strategy for revitalizing/renewing a small community church (working with Assist)

  • able to plan both short-term and long-term projects, identify project goals and set timelines for achieving those goals 

  • able to motivate others to participate in achieving vision and planning goals for church renewal and growth 

  • have a strong marriage with a spouse who shares God’s call to the church renewal ministry and who wholeheartedly supports her husband in this undertaking 

Spiritual Maturity 

  • has received and accepted a calling from God for this unique ministry  

  • is committed to Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior and to the authority of Scripture 

  • is a man who believes in the power of prayer, has a strong personal prayer and devotional life 

  • displays the Fruit of the Spirit and relies upon the Holy Spirit for every aspect of his life and ministry 

  • pursues righteousness and a godly life

  • be theologically aligned with the Charis Commitment to Common Identity

Life on Mission

  • has a heartfelt burden for lost people and a desire to lead a church that is effectively reaching its community

  • models a lifestyle of evangelism through building relationships with people who are far from God

  • has a deep understanding of sound doctrine and its use in life and ministry

  • is committed to Christ-centered preaching and teaching, using God’s Word to inspire the local church for mission


  • ability to identify, motivate and train individuals and teams 

  • has excellent communication skills 

  • adaptable and resilient when confronted with barriers and setbacks 

  • able to accomplish tasks with limited resources 

  • is a problem solver 

  • ability to work well with others in leadership positions

Qualifications of a Revitalization Pastor 

  • Possess a God given passion for church renewal and community outreach

  • Prior experience a plus 

  • Education – Bible College or Seminary Training

  • Willing to be ordained in the Charis Fellowship of Churches

About Martinsburg, WV

Martinsburg, WV is a city of approximately 18,000 located in the Shenandoah Valley. It is noted as the fastest growing city in the state as it has become a community of choice for commuters to Northern Virginia and Washington, DC with a lower cost of living and a family-friendly culture. Martinsburg offers the best of small town living with easy access to major metropolitan conveniences.



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Listing Expires: 16-Dec-19