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These ministry opportunities have been submitted by churches and ministries that are associated with the Charis Fellowship. Any ministry engagement (paid or volunteer) that comes as a result of this announcement should be entered into with due diligence and legal review. The Charis Fellowship does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Persons contacting these ministries are not recommended by the Charis Fellowship.

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Children's Pastor

Children’s Pastor for Grace Community Church

This is an exciting opportunity to join our team at Grace to help reach the next generation with the gospel!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible to develop and implement a comprehensive program of care, evangelism, spiritual growth, and service opportunities for elementary grades (Kindergarten-Grade 6)  
  • Responsible to support the families of the children to help them succeed as the spiritual champions in their children’s lives.
  • Responsible for a Sunday morning program and a mid-week program.
  • Responsible for recruiting, training, equipping and development of leaders and volunteers working in the ministry.
  • Responsible to reach children outside our church in our community.
  • Responsible to help cover the pastoral load of the entire church including counseling, shepherding care, weddings, funerals, giving input to other ministries, etc.
  • Responsible for other tasks that may come up in the course of leading our church—our pastors serve as a team
  • Responsible to be a growing and active believer at GCC including:
    • participating in an adult small group, community group, or accountability group for fellowship and growth
    • regularly attend worship service
    • become a member of GCC

Gifts Needed:

  • heart for children and ability to model the type of volunteer you want
  • administrative abilities to organize each area and all the adult volunteers, including a diversely gifted leadership team
  • ability to handle a variety of roles: curriculum choices, process of growth, balance of outreach and discipleship ministries, volunteer issues, etc.
  • vision-casting ability to recruit all the volunteers necessary and to sell the vision to the congregation/pastoral team
  • being responsible for all the items listed above doesn’t mean “doing” all the items listed above—this person should be able to build a team and allows others to use their gifts
Listing Expires: 14-Oct-20