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Lead Pastor

 Lead Pastor - Grace Church Aiken   [DOWNLOAD APPLICATION]


Grace Church Aiken (Aiken, SC) is seeking a full-time lead pastor.

The church, a member of the Charis Fellowship, was founded in 1975 and currently meets in a location built in 1983.


The church currently has two full time staff members; an Associate Pastor who has been at Aiken Grace since 1992 and a Youth Pastor who has been on staff since 2012.


Aiken, South Carolina has a population of approximately 30,000 people. The median age in Aiken is 46 years and the median household income is $53,000 annually.

Job Summary

The Lead Pastor of Grace Church Aiken will be a man who is deeply committed and passionate about serving the Lord, utilizing his gifts and calling to lead, shepherd and equip the local assembly to live out its mission and vision.  GCA has a vision to be a relevant and credible example of Christ in the community, with a mission to make disciples who are growing in their love for God and impacting their families, communities and the world for Jesus. In community with church Elders, the Lead Pastor will align the body to this mission and vision, putting a plan into action that helps the church grow in its upward devotion to Jesus, inward commitment to one another and outward compassion for the lost.


Support Structure


GCA has entered into a partnership with Assist Church Expansion (ACE) to help identify a new Lead Pastor, facilitate acclimation to the church and community culture, and engage the Lead Pastor and church in a strategic planning process that unifies them around their common vision and mission within 3 years.  Notwithstanding the characteristics and spiritual gifts required of a local church pastor, the mutual desire of GCA and ACE is to identify an individual who can satisfy the leadership gifts required for this vision refresh process and also shepherd and disciple the congregation for the long haul.




·      Must have a passion for God, a strong desire to bring Him glory, and a demonstrated anointing for ministry


·      Must have an established history of pastoral leadership having demonstrated the ability to influence others toward the fulfillment of defined objectives


·      Must be an accomplished professional with excellent references


·      Must have completed advance biblical studies, preferably earning a degree in theology from a Christian college or seminary


·      Must be theologically aligned with the Charis Commitment to Common Identity


·      If married, wife must totally support her husband in the ministry


·      Candidates who are ordained in the Charis Fellowship, or who have completed a qualification and examination process of similar rigor are preferred.  If not already ordained in the Fellowship, candidate must agree to pursue such ordination within a mutually agreed upon timeline



Essential Roles



Team Builder & Team Player


·      As a leader, he will successfully design and navigate practical ways to guide the local body in achieving its vision to be a living example of Christ within community


·       He will help the church grow in love for one another by fostering an environment that encourages the orderly exercise of natural, spiritual and administrative gifts


·      He will support others in ministry including elders, staff and lay leaders, valuing their gifts and their passion for service and empowering them to do greater works together


·      He will pursue peace, mutual up building, and unity of faith over personal preferences in form, style, expression or other matters not defined by scriptures





·      He will be committed to daily personal prayer and the study of God’s Word so as to be ready in season and out to disciple, counsel and encourage the saints in truth, love and patience. 


·      He will continuously pursue a deep understanding of Scripture and use sound doctrine to guard and guide the church body in life and ministry


·      He will commit to Christ-centered preaching and teaching, using God’s Word to strengthen and inspire the local church for mission


·      He will be committed to the continuous development of his preaching skills, maximizing his gifts for the edification of the church and evangelism to the lost.





·      Together with the pastoral team, elders, and other leaders and professionals, he will serve God’s people as a loving compassionate brother ministering to the needs of the local church body, including the sick, those in crisis and those in need of counselling


·      He will be relationally oriented, intent on building community and adept at strategically ministering to individuals and families in the church, encouraging them that they have a living hope in the power of Christ's resurrection.


·      He will maintain strict confidentiality in all matters that warrant a reasonable expectation of privacy


·       He will be a shepherd who seeks the lost, brings back the strayed, binds up the injured, and strengthens the weak. 



Kingdom Seeker


·      He will have a heartfelt burden for lost people and a desire to lead a church that is effectively reaching its community


·      He will model a lifestyle of evangelism through building relationships with people who are far from God


·      He will be active, engaged and committed to the purposeful work of godly servants of the Lord who diligently labor and give of their time, talent and treasure to spread the gospel to those outside the church both locally and abroad


·      He will not see God's kingdom as bound by the walls of buildings or denominations, but will seek to collaborate with other pastors and para-church leaders to demonstrate Christ's love and glorify the Father by facilitating service alongside one another





·      He will be approachable, faithful and trustworthy, patiently loving and mentoring those closest to him including pastoral staff, elders and ministry leaders


·      He will be humble, knowing his own weakness and guarding against temptation.  He will not walk alone but will be accountable to companions of like faith and maturity, so that he is able to remain strong in adversity, and if he stumbles or falls others will be close enough to encourage him and lift him up in love.


·      He will be a lover of good who perseveres in faith and whose character is above reproach. He will be sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, and hospitable.


·      He will guide and direct staff and their daily administration of church activities with sound-judgement, purpose, order and efficiency.


Listing Expires: 17-Sep-20