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These ministry opportunities have been submitted by churches and ministries that are associated with the Charis Fellowship. Any ministry engagement (paid or volunteer) that comes as a result of this announcement should be entered into with due diligence and legal review. The Charis Fellowship does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Persons contacting these ministries are not recommended by the Charis Fellowship.

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Missions Mobilizer

Do you enjoy connecting others to new opportunities? Are you passionate about building relationships? Or, perhaps you are a gifted vision-caster and communicator. If so, the opportunity to become an Encompass Missions Mobilizer may be a fit for you! Missions Mobilizers network to meet new people, whether online or through travel, helping interested individuals take steps toward engaging the Great Commission. Missions Mobilizers must be team players, demonstrate consistent follow-through, and value investing in people. To explore this opportunity, read the description available on our website at or e-mail Lindsay with any questions may have We are eager to hear from you!

Listing Expires: 25-Nov-20