Equipping Church Network

Equipping Network

Coaching churches to connect members with ministries

The Equipping Church Network is a fraternal grouping of leaders and churches seeking to implant an equipping culture into our fellowship.  In an Equipping Church, ministry effectiveness is measured not only by how well the leaders do ministry, but by how well they equip others to do ministry.  Though this represents a paradigm shift for many church leaders, the spiritual vitality of a local church is directly related to intentionally putting into practice Ephesians 4:11-16.  In this passage we have the DNA of an equipping church.

The root meaning of the term equip is to bond, or join together.  An equipping church seeks to connect members with ministries.  Getting the people involved transforms ministry consumers into ministry collaborators.  One effective way of involving people is through the creation of ministry teams, in which each member has a role to play.  Ministry team leaders become joints and ligaments in the church, helping each member rise to his full potential.

Being an equipping church is a journey, not a destination.

We are here to help you connect your members to ministries and see God work in and through your people in amazing ways! If you are not already a part of the Equipping Network, either as a church, or coordinator, would you be willing to join us in this significant ministry?  

For more information, contact one of the following:: Tom Julien (tjulien@encompassworld.org), Ed Short (edshort@cenational.org).

Link to this page: http://charisfellowship.us/page/equippingnetwork