Fellowship Council

The Fellowship Council is the board of directors of the Charis Fellowship.

The Fellowship Council is composed of 15 members elected from three regions; five from Region A, five from Region B, and five from Region C. Additionally, the Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director serve on the council. All members serve one, five year term. The Fellowship Council establishes policy that guides the planning and function of:

The Council typically meets once in January for 3 days and one day before annual conference each summer (in July). Commissions meet in advance of the January meeting via conference call to care for regular business and prepare for the January meeting. Expenses (travel, lodging, and food) for meetings are provided or reimbursed from the Charis Fellowship treasury. Members serve on one of three (Membership, Finances or Structures) administrative commissions and interact as a group about the future direction of the Charis Fellowship including the presentation of a nominee for moderator. They also review reports from recognized national ministries about how they cooperate with the mission of the Charis Fellowship and it's member churches.

Nominees to the Fellowship Council are presented each year to delegates at National Conference by the Nominating Committee for five-year terms. Delegates vote annually to select one new fellowship council from each of 3 regions of the Charis Fellowship.



Current Members with ending term:


through 2022

Executive Director

Phil Sparling: Auburn, California

Assistant Director

Andrew Saunders
Telford PA


Region A

Region A will include Arctic, Hawaii, Mountain Plains, NorCal, Pacific-Northwest, Southern California Arizona, Iowa Midlands, and Heartland districts.

Roger Holl:
Sterling Alaska

Rex Rodgers:
Ripon, California


Manuel Espinosa:
Lakewood, California

Tim Sprankle: Leesburg, Indiana


Collin Curfman
Sunnyside, Washington

Region B

Region B will include Northcentral Ohio, Northeastern Ohio, Northwest Ohio, Tri-States, Allegheny and Western Pennsylvania districts.


Joe Caruso:
Akron, Ohio

Jonathan Wiley:
Worthington, Ohio






Dave Holmes: Centerville, Ohio

Wade Rininger:
Caledon, Ontario


Nick Cleveland
Wooster, Ohio


Region C

Region C will include Blue Ridge, Chesapeake, Mid Atlantic, Northern Atlantic, Florida, and Southern districts.

Tim Clothier:
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

Rich Schnieders:
Ft. Myers, Florida

Desir Nonhomme:
North Miami, Florida

Laban Reeves:
Harlem, New York


Devin Livingston
Richmond, Virginia


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