Pastor Tim Hodge

Pastor Tim HodgeTim Hodge is the lead pastor of Grace Family Church in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Tim is married to Heidi and is father to three boys (14, 12, and 5) and one girl (8). Born and raised “Down Under” in the city of Adelaide, South Australia, Tim worked as a mechanical engineering tradesman for General Motors for 6 years before pursuing ministry training. After graduating from Grace College and Grace Theological Seminary, he served on staff at Lehigh Valley Grace Brethren before moving to New Holland where he has been serving for 15 years. He has concluded his terms on both the Fellowship Council and the Inspire Board, along with serving on the leadership team for the Northern Atlantic District.

Tim is being recommended by the Fellowship Council to serve as the Assistant Director of the Charis Fellowship from 2019-2022.



Since posting this announcement some have asked very good questions about this role.  We will try to answer these questions here...


What is the Assistant Director's job?

The Manual of Procedure of the Charis Fellowship (FGBC) says...


Is the Assistant Director a voluntary position?

Yes. However, if the budget is approved and funds are available the Assistant Director receives an honorarium, some funds to hire an administrative assistant and his church receives some compensation. 


We have heard that the Charis Fellowship coordinator (Tom Avey) will be retiring by May 2021.  Is this part of that transition plan?

Kind of. Tom has been serving for 21 years. Tom's office and the council has been training others to do various tasks. Management of the agenda of the Fellowship Council will be transitioned from the Charis Fellowship Coordinator (Tom) to the responsibility of the Assistant Director (Tim). The Fellowship Council is working on a more thorough transition plan.


If elected, will Tim be the first Assistant Director?

No. According to the Manual of Procedure "The Fellowship Council shall present a name for Executive Director to the conference one year prior to the expiration of the current term for affirmation by the delegates. That Executive Director shall select an Assistant Director, that is approved by the Fellowship Council to be affirmed by the delegates on a single question ballot for a one, two, or three-year term." However, we have not always had an Assistant Director willing to serve as the time of an election.  Keith Minier served as the Assistant Director in 2017 and 2018 and functioned as the Conference Director for the Executive Director (Clancy Cruise) both of these years.

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