Position Statements (report of action taken)

These Position Statements have been deemed necessary and helpful for the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches to address or clarify specific issues of culture, theology, or practice within the ministry context of North America. Each Position Statement will require reaffirmation by the delegates every five years. Member churches agree to cooperate harmoniously within the parameters outlined by the Charis Commitment to Common Identity and these Position Statements


Affirmation of Life

We affirm that human life is sacred and worthy of respect. From the moment of conception, human life is precious and deserves protection from murder, suicide, abortion, and mercy killing. We affirm that those who are terminally ill deserve appropriate medical care, including palliative care and pain management, but medically-assisted suicide is not a moral or biblical option. (expires August 2023)



Marriage and Sexuality

We believe God created marriage to be a public covenant relationship, normally consummated by the union of sexual intercourse, between two consenting people one man and one woman.  This covenant is to endure as long as both are living; for the purposes of mutual joy, mutual edification, procreation, and symbolizing the covenant relationship between Christ and His church to all generations.  We affirm that all sexual relations of any kind that occur outside the boundaries of marriage are immoral and contradict God’s design for humanity. (expires August 2023)


We affirm that men and women are both created in the image of God, are equal in value and personhood and are designed to be inter-dependent in life and ministry within the local church.  We believe that the leadership position in our local churches corresponding to the biblical role of elder/overseer/pastor is reserved for men who meet biblical qualifications. (expires August 2023)

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