So you wanna live stream your video this weekend?

You have a couple of options:

Live stream

This means you turn on a camera and press “go live” and then the service will publish to your website and to facebook live. 

First, you’ll need a web cam. Most laptops have this. It won’t be fancy, but it will work. 

Or alternately, you can hook up a higher quality camera through an encoder and “capture” the video feed which will go to your live feed. 

Then you need a live stream option. You can use Facebook- which is free, but in my church we have people who work in discreet sectors where they don’t want a facebook account. And if you use FB you may end up with ads you don’t want. 

There are a couple of streaming options available to you: 

  1. churchstreaming.tvis running a COVID-19 special right now where they will give you 90 days free. This is what I’m trying. The back end is not that easy, but looks like they have a lot of support available to be successful. 
  2. vimeo.comhas a new live streaming feature that looks enticing. 



This means that you’ve done the recording ahead of time, possibly even edited it down and added text overlays and whatnot. 

For this, you’ll need a camera to record it. This could be as simple as your mobile phone or webcam on your laptop. Or you could go fancy using a lot of gear, high end camera equipment, audio and lighting solutions and someone to edit it down. is a great solution and is the standard for video distribution. No ads as its a paid service. 


Simulated Live

This is a pre-recorded message that is streamed “live” at a particular time so that viewers think they are watching something live? Why would you do that? It keeps the normal gathering time and gives viewers a sense of being a part of something the same time as others. provides this service, but the file format is specific and uploads take a while. I also found that I needed to email support to enable my ability to do a simulate live upload. 

Test things ahead of time, you don’t want to be caught trying to figure it out last minute.

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